7 Easy and creative names for dogs

Buddy: A classic name that signifies companionship and loyalty, perfect for a dog that's your constant companion.

Luna: Meaning "moon" in Latin, this name suits a dog with a calm and serene demeanor, just like the moon's soothing presence.

Ace: Representing excellence and being at the top of your game, this name is great for an energetic and talented pup.

Zara: A name that means "princess" in Arabic, ideal for a dog with a regal and elegant disposition.

Milo: With roots in various languages, Milo means "mild" or "pleasant," fitting for a friendly and agreeable furry friend.

Coco: A cute and playful name that's reminiscent of sweetness and warmth, making it a great choice for an affectionate pup.

Remy: Derived from the French word "rémy," meaning "oarsman" or "remedy," this name symbolizes resourcefulness and healing.

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