7 Bangs-ter Mistakes to Avoid

Face Shape

Consider your face shape before getting bangs. Different styles of bangs can complement or accentuate different face shapes, so choose a style that flatters your features.


Bangs require regular upkeep, including trimming and styling. Consider if you're willing to commit to the time and effort needed to keep them looking their best.

Hair Texture

Your hair's natural texture plays a role in how bangs will look. Curly, straight, or wavy hair will affect the way bangs fall and frame your face.

Styling Routine

Think about how bangs will fit into your daily routine. Will you need to blow-dry and style them every day, or are you okay with a more relaxed, tousled look?

Growing Out Process

Keep in mind that bangs will eventually grow out, and you'll need a plan for dealing with the awkward in-between stages. This could involve clips, headbands, or different styling techniques.


If you wear glasses, consider how bangs might interact with your frames. Some styles of bangs might work better with certain types of glasses.

Personal Style

Finally, think about how bangs align with your overall personal style. Do they fit the aesthetic you're going for? Will they enhance your look or require adjustments to your wardrobe and makeup choices?

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