7 Attractive Hairstyle For Men Over 60 Years 

1. Classic Side Part: 

A timeless choice, the side part exudes sophistication. Keep the sides shorter and blend them into the longer top for a polished look.

2. Short and Textured: 

Embrace your natural gray hair with a short and textured cut. This low-maintenance style adds volume and character to your overall appearance.

3. Crew Cut: 

The crew cut is a versatile option that's easy to manage. It's a short, even cut that works well for men of all ages, providing a clean and neat appearance.

4. Salt and Pepper Pompadour

Embrace the salt and pepper look with a stylish pompadour. This elevated style adds height and a touch of vintage charm to your look.

5. Beard and Buzz Cut Combo:

If you have a beard, pair it with a buzz cut for a rugged yet refined appearance. The contrast between the closely cropped hair and the beard creates a balanced look.

6. Wavy Layered Hair: 

If you have wavy hair, consider growing it out a bit and adding layers for a textured and relaxed vibe. This style works well for a casual yet put-together look.

7. Slicked Back Gray Hair: 

Embrace your gray hair by slicking it back. Use a quality hair product to add shine and control, creating a distinguished and confident presence.

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