7 Annoying Habits of Massage Clients


Arriving Late

Being consistently late for appointments disrupts the therapist's schedule and reduces the time available for the massage session.

Poor Hygiene

Neglecting personal hygiene, such as not showering before the appointment or having strong body odor, can make the therapist uncomfortable during the session.

Excessive Talking

Constantly engaging in conversation during the massage can distract both the therapist and the client from fully relaxing and benefiting from the treatment.

Withholding Information

Failing to communicate important health concerns, injuries, or preferences can hinder the therapist's ability to tailor the massage to the client's specific needs.

Requesting Inappropriate Services

Making inappropriate or unprofessional requests during the massage session puts the therapist in an uncomfortable position and can disrupt the therapeutic environment.

Giving Directions

Trying to direct the therapist on how to perform the massage instead of allowing them to use their expertise can hinder the quality of the treatment.

Not Providing Feedback

Failing to provide feedback or communicate discomfort during the massage prevents the therapist from adjusting the pressure or techniques to ensure a comfortable experience.