6 Unsolved Mysteries About Solar System

Planet Nine: Astronomers have hypothesized the existence of a ninth planet beyond Pluto, based on the unusual orbits of some distant objects in the Kuiper Belt.

The Origin of Water on Earth: The source of Earth's abundant water remains uncertain, with theories ranging from cometary impacts to water-rich asteroids.

The Tilt of Uranus:Uranus rotates on its side, unlike other planets. The cause of this extreme axial tilt remains a mystery, possibly due to a past collision.

The Formation of the Moon:The exact process by which the Moon formed after a collision with a Mars-sized object is still debated among scientists.

Mars' Methane Mystery:Methane has been detected on Mars, which could suggest potential microbial life or geological processes, but the source of this methane remains unknown.

The Nature of Dark Matter:Dark matter, which makes up a significant portion of the universe, remains elusive, and its exact nature and properties are yet to be discovered.

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