6 Trendy V-Cut Hairstyles for Long Hair


Classic V-Cut

Trim the back of your long hair into a V. Your flowing locks appear chic and structured with this precise cut.


V-Cut with Face-Framing Layers

Highlight your facial characteristics using face-framing layers. Softness and dimension will enhance the V-shaped cut using these layers.


V-Cut with Textured Ends

Textured ends give your V-cut movement. Razor or point cutting gives your hair a fashionable, lived-in appearance.


V-Cut with Balayage Highlight

Balayage highlights elevate your V-cut hairdo. Highlights along your V-shaped ends will accentuate the cut and provide a striking dimensional impression.


V-Cut with Side-Swept Bangs

V-shaped layers and attractive bangs frame your face elegantly, giving refinement to your haircut.


V-Cut with Braided Accents

Make your V-cut stand out with braided embellishments. Braid short portions of hair along V-shaped layers or make braided headbands to complement the trend.