5 Ways to Tell if a Cantaloupe Is Ripe

Sniff the Stem End: A ripe cantaloupe will have a sweet, fragrant aroma at the stem end. If it smells slightly sweet and fruity, it's likely ripe.

Press the Skin: Gently press the skin of the cantaloupe with your thumb. A ripe cantaloupe should have a slight give or yield to pressure but not be too soft or mushy.

Look for a Golden Hue: A ripe cantaloupe typically has a golden or yellowish color on the skin. If the skin appears green, it may still be unripe.

Check the Netting: Ripe cantaloupes have well-defined, pronounced netting or web-like patterns on their skin.

Listen for a Hollow Sound: When shaken, a ripe cantaloupe will produce a hollow sound, indicating its readiness to enjoy.

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