5 Trendy Wedge Haircut Ideas for Short & Thin Hair

Layered Wedge


A layered wedge hairstyle gives short, thin hair volume and structure. Layers provide volume and movement to your hair.

Textured Pixie Wedge


Rock a textured pixie wedge hairstyle. Short, choppy layers offer texture and character to this trendy short hairstyle.

Stacked Wedge


A stacked wedge hairstyle layers the back and becomes shorter at the nape of the neck. Thin haired people might use this procedure to thicken their bottom hair.

Angled Wedge Bob


Choose a front-longer, back-shorter wedge bob. This cut gives your hair structure and volume.

Asymmetrical Wedge


Asymmetrical wedge haircuts are stylish and distinctive. For short, thin hair, experiment with uneven lengths.

Thick Brush Stroke

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