1920s Hairstyles: The Top 9 Vintage Glam Looks

Finger Waves

Using fingers or a comb, this unique hairdo created deep, S-shaped waves. Both short and long hair liked it.

Bob Cut

The 1920s were characterized by the bob cut. It had straight, chin-length or shorter hair with bangs.

Marcel Waves

Heated curling irons or waving irons created Marcel waves. Soft, deep waves cascaded down the skull using this approach.

Cloche Hat Style

Many 1920s haircuts were created to fit under the cloche hat. The headgear required a low, tight bun or chignon.

Feathered Headbands

Feathered, beaded, or jeweled headbands matched many hairstyles. They imparted elegance.

Rolled and Pinned Updos

1920s updos were very fashionable. Elegant, glossy hair was coiled and secured in the back.

Eton Crop

This bold androgynous haircut trimmed hair very short, like a boyish crop. It defied gender roles.

Victory Rolls

Long-haired ladies liked victory rolls. Curled inward and wrapped up toward the scalp, the hair formed a "victory" shape.