10 things you didn t know about Burger King


Its headquarters is on the East Coast

While many popular fast food chains are headquartered in California, Burger King stands out as the East Coast's pride, originating in Jacksonville, Florida, and currently headquartered in Miami.

The Home of the Whopper since 1957

Burger King introduced the Whopper four years after opening, priced at 37 cents, inspired by a competitor's larger burger, predating the Big Mac.

They invented the Flame-Broiler

Seeking a solution to damaged heating elements, David Edgerton invented a conveyor belt device in 1959 that cooked Burger King patties over an open gas flame, imparting a distinct taste and grill marks.

The Whopper Jr. was a happy accident

Due to a bun shortage, the first Burger King location in Puerto Rico used smaller buns, creating the popular "Whopper Jr." that made its way onto menus worldwide.

It has a different name in Australia

Burger King faced trademark issues in Australia, leading to the selection of "Hungry Jack's" as the restaurant's name, which now has approximately 450 locations in the country.

BK serves 11 million customers every day

Burger King serves a staggering 11 million customers globally each day, generating $1.81 billion in revenue during the 2021 financial year.

There are 19,247 locations worldwide

With over 19,247 locations across 100+ countries, Burger King operates predominantly through independent franchisees.

Burger King is forbidden from one place in the U.S.

Trademark conflicts with the Hoots family in Mattoon led to a legal settlement that restricted Burger King's operation within a 20-mile radius of the town.

A Finland location includes a spa

Burger King's Helsinki location made headlines in 2016 for its unique spa featuring a sauna, timber decor, flatscreen TVs, PlayStation, and stocked beer fridge, available for a rental cost of around $300, excluding burgers.

Its parent company owns other famous chains

Burger King, owned by Canada-based parent company Restaurant Brands International (RBI), merged with Tim Horton's in 2014 and later acquired Popeye's and Firehouse Subs.

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