10 The Most Adorable Dog Breeds

Dale Carter

French bulldog

Risen in popularity and is now among the most sought-after dog breeds. These charming dogs trace their ancestry back to ancient Greek canines.


The small hound was bred largely for hunting purposes. Charlie Brown's dog Snoopy is a very famous example of a beagle.


Shetland sheepdog

Named after their place of origin, the Shetland Islands, this breed of herding dog is also known as a Sheltie. 

Golden retriever

The name of this breed is indicative of its status as a hunting dog. They are also often used as disability assistance dogs.


Also known as a sausage dog, this hound breed was initially developed as a hunter. They can be rather difficult dogs to train.

Siberian husky

This working dog breed has a distinctive wolf-like appearance. Originating in Asia, they were brought to Alaska to be trained as sled dogs.

English setter

English Setters are intelligent hunting dogs known for their mischievous nature and strong-willed personality.


Named after a historical region of Croatia, from where the breed is derived, the Dalmatian is instantly recognizable.

Cairn terrier

Originating in the Scottish Highlands, the cairn terrier is one of the earliest breeds of working dogs. They are active dogs and very easy to train.

Yorkshire terrier

It is important that these extremely playful and energetic dogs are not left alone too often, as they suffer from separation anxiety.

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