10 Fascinating Animals that Roam its Peaks

Grizzly Bears

These powerful bears inhabit the mountain's slopes and valleys, foraging for food and raising their young.

Dall Sheep

Known for their impressive curved horns, Dall Sheep navigate the steep cliffs and rocky terrain of Denali.


Packs of wolves roam the mountain, relying on their keen senses and teamwork for hunting and survival.


The Denali herd of caribou undertakes annual migrations, traversing the mountainous landscape.


These magnificent creatures can be spotted in the low-lying areas surrounding Denali, feeding on vegetation.

Arctic Ground Squirrels

Resilient and adapted to harsh conditions, these squirrels burrow in the tundra and are a vital food source for predators.

Snowshoe Hares

Well-suited to the mountain's changing seasons, these hares don a white winter coat to blend with the snowy landscape.


 These elusive cats are skilled hunters, preying on snowshoe hares and other small mammals.

Red Foxes

Agile and adaptable, red foxes traverse the mountainside in search of food, including small mammals and birds.

Golden Eagles

With their keen eyesight and impressive wingspan, these majestic birds soar above Denali's peaks.

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