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10 Famous Singers Who Are So Bad it Makes People Furious

By: joel stice

Rebecca Black

Known for her song "Friday," her vocal abilities were heavily criticized when the song went viral.

Paris Hilton

Despite her fame as a socialite and businesswoman, her attempts at a singing career were met with widespread disdain.

William Hung

Gained notoriety after his off-key audition on "American Idol," which divided opinions on his singing abilities.

Yoko Ono

Known more as an avant-garde artist, her vocal style has been polarizing and divisive among music listeners.

Kevin Federline

The ex-husband of Britney Spears, his brief stint as a rapper received harsh criticism from both critics and the public.

Kim Kardashian

While not primarily known for her singing, her attempt at a single called "Jam (Turn It Up)" received negative reviews.

Vanilla Ice

Despite initial success, his rap skills and credibility were often questioned by hip-hop enthusiasts.

Ashlee Simpson

Her infamous lip-syncing incident on "Saturday Night Live" damaged her reputation as a live performer.

Milli Vanilli

The duo gained fame but faced controversy when it was revealed that they were lip-syncing to someone else's vocals.

Tone-deaf celebrities

There have been instances where certain celebrities with limited vocal abilities, attempting to sing, received backlash for their performances.

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