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10 Cringey Things Not to Do on a First Date


Avoid divulging too much personal information or past relationship details.

Constant Phone Use

Stay engaged and attentive, leaving your phone aside to focus on the date.

Poor Hygiene

Take care of your appearance and personal hygiene to make a good impression.

Being Rude to Others

Treat everyone with respect and kindness, including waitstaff or others you encounter.

Talking Only About Yourself

 Show interest in your date by actively listening and engaging in conversation.

Being Late

Arrive on time to demonstrate respect for your date's schedule and show you value their time.

Ignoring Boundaries

Respect personal space and avoid making your date uncomfortable with intrusive actions or questions.

Complaining Excessively

Maintain a positive attitude and avoid excessive complaining or negativity.

Being Overly Intense

Keep the tone light and casual, avoiding intense discussions or overwhelming gestures.

Rushing Physical Intimacy

Allow the relationship to progress naturally and respect your date's boundaries regarding physical contact.

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