10 Best Highlands Scotch Brands

Known for its rich and complex single malt whiskies with notes of dried fruits, spices, and oak.


Offers a range of single malts known for their smoothness, complexity, and signature use of tall stills.


Known for producing robust and flavorful single malt whiskies with a rich character and notes of dark chocolate and citrus.


Offers a range of whiskies with a distinctive balance of smokiness and sweetness, often showcasing flavors of heather honey and peat.

Highland Park

A coastal distillery that produces well-rounded and full-bodied single malts with hints of sea salt and fruit.


Known for its sherry cask maturation, GlenDronach produces rich and full-bodied whiskies with notes of dark fruits and spices.


Offers vintage-dated single malts with a focus on fruit-forward flavors, honeyed sweetness, and a touch of spice.


Known for its smooth and approachable whiskies with a honeyed sweetness and gentle spiciness.


Produces a range of whiskies known for their fruity and malty flavors, often with a creamy texture.


Offers whiskies with a distinct character, showcasing fruity and floral notes along with hints of spice and malt.

Glen Garioch

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