10 Best Fish Fries Of America

Gus's Fried Fish (Houston, Texas): Known for its perfectly fried fish with a crispy coating and tender flaky meat, Gus's is a must-visit spot for seafood lovers in Texas.

The Old Fashioned (Madison, Wisconsin): This classic Wisconsin restaurant serves up a delicious fish fry featuring fresh fish, traditional sides like potato pancakes, and a warm, welcoming ambiance.

Al's French Frys (Burlington, Vermont): Famous for their hand-cut fries and golden-fried fish, Al's French Frys offers a delightful and nostalgic fish fry experience in Vermont.

Catfish Hole (Fayetteville, Arkansas): Specializing in southern-style catfish, this local gem delights visitors with its crispy catfish fillets and generous portions.

Anderson's Frozen Custard (Buffalo, New York): A Buffalo tradition, Anderson's offers a delectable fish fry that pairs perfectly with their famous frozen custard.

The Fish Fry (Detroit, Michigan): As its name suggests, this Detroit spot serves up classic and flavorful fish fry meals that keep customers coming back for more.

Arnold's Bar and Grill (Cincinnati, Ohio): A historic tavern, Arnold's is renowned for its Friday fish fry, where patrons enjoy delicious fish and live music in a charming setting.

Fishermen's Grill (Portland, Maine): A hidden gem in Maine, Fishermen's Grill serves up fresh seafood, including their popular fish fry, with a focus on quality and taste.

Hook Fish & Chicken (Chicago, Illinois): A favorite in Chicago, Hook offers a variety of fried fish and chicken options that satisfy even the most discerning appetites.

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