10 best dog breeds for first-time owners

Doug Collins

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Bernese Mountain Dog

Big, easy-going, and affectionate companions who enjoy both playtime and downtime. They are adaptable, loyal watchdogs with a shedding coat that requires regular brushing.

Bichon Frise

Versatile companion with a fluffy appearance, suitable for families and apartments. Training is easy, moderate exercise is sufficient, but regular grooming is necessary for their curly coat.


Energetic, loyal companion for active households, requiring exercise, training, and offering natural protective instincts. Low-maintenance grooming needs. Guardians by nature.

Golden Retriever

The perfect family companion, eager to please and excellent with children. Active, intelligent, adaptable breed that requires exercise, training, and regular brushing for coat maintenance.

Great Dane

Gentle giants with a protective instinct, playful and affectionate. Requires obedience training, moderate shedding, and tends to drool, are highly intelligent, and are very affectionate.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever popular, adaptable, and affectionate medium-large breed, ideal for families with kids. Active, intelligent, trainable, with minimal grooming needs.


Maltese charming, low-shedding companion with a silky coat. Affectionate, low-exercise breed that enjoys lap time and regular grooming, keep their coat short and manageable.


Papillon adaptable, friendly, and active small breed suitable for various households. Enjoyable lap dog and exercise partner, easy to train and moderate grooming needs.


Pomeranian dainty lap dog, adaptable to families, requiring basic exercise and training. Moderately active, fluffy coat with low-maintenance grooming needs.


Poodle versatile, intelligent companion available in different sizes. Energetic breed requiring exercise, training, and regular grooming for their curly coat. Sizes toy, miniature, or standard.

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