10 Beautiful Chic Finger Waves Hairstyles


Finger waves have everlasting appeal. Deep, defined waves evocative of classic starlets should cascade gently down your head.

Classic Hollywood Glam


Swipe your finger waves to one side for a romantic and trendy effect. This sophisticated asymmetrical shape frames your face.

Side-Swept Finger Waves


A polished updo with finger waves. Let your delicate waves shine in a low bun, chignon, or twist.

Updo with Finger Waves


Add finger waves to a half-up hairdo for elegant versatility. Leave the remaining hair down or curl it romantically.

Half-Up Finger Waves


Front finger waves give your ponytail a retro look. For a chic appearance, wrap the waves around your face and put the rest of your hair in a ponytail.

Retro-Inspired Ponytail


Finger waves work on short hair too. Finger waves on shorter hair create a confident, classic look.

Short Hair Finger Waves


Add bangs for a trendy look. Finger waves with bangs make a bold, edgy haircut.

Finger Waves with Bangs


A trendy half-up bun with elegant finger waves. Create a trendy style by styling your waves in front and bunning the rest.

Half-Up Bun with Finger Waves


To boost your hairdo, add a dazzling hair clip, ornate headband, or vintage-inspired hairpiece.

Finger Waves with Accessories


Allowing finger waves to flow freely softens them. This style modernizes finger waves for a more relaxed appearance.

Loose Finger Waves